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THURSDAY 23/11 10:00 at MeetFactory

Peter Walsh is a Recording and Mix Engineer best known for his work with simple Minds and his long association with Peter Gabriel. Peter has been presenting production, recording and mixing workshops / seminars for the Abbey Road Institute. During his lecture “Difining Mood” he examines and shares his philosophy and technique on how to get that ‘special something’ out of each production. Sharing experiences and anecdotes from a career spanning 40 years, Peter discusses his approach to the art of music production and sound engineering. Using actual pro tools sessions, Peter covers a range of subjects including preproduction, project planning, studio psychology, song arrangement, forced work flow, EQ and dynamic processing, effects and mixing tips.

‘My aim has always been to give each production a particular, individual character - a special sound quality, which will excite the listener’s senses and touch a place in their hearts’. There is a consistency of approach which intuitively defines the sound and placement of each instrument, where the vocals sit in the mix, and the textures used to create atmosphere or MOOD.’

FRIDAY 24/11 10:00 at MeetFactory

Producer and mastering engineer Tomáš Karásek aka Gargle & Expel was born in Czech republic and is currently based in Ireland. He is one of the most sought after mastering engineers by Czech bands and producers. He experiences range from indie rock to bass music.  During his lecture he will show his approach to the  mixing process step by step.

(Milan Cimfe and Pavel Karlík)

One of the best recording studios in Europe located near Prague. The studio has a residential complex (300sq.metres) with a pre-production suites, a cozy hotel, restaurant, day and rest rooms and garden for musicians, writers and producers. All 3 studios are centred around the Neve consoles V series and we offer every major recording and mixing formats avaible today. The studio 1 is newly enlarged for full symphonic orchestra,equiped by Pre-amps and mixing console Neve V48, Lexicon 480 ,Pro-Tools HD 192kHz 7.3 version 48in/out, wide collection of Neumann microphones including the tube mics and great sounding Steinway piano (year 1907). The list of artists that have recorded at Sono Records includes Limb Bizkit, David Bowie or Doug Wimbish.


23/11 11:00 - 12:00

“From Happy Amateur to Happy Professional - what does an artist need to understand  and know to get off  the starting block.”

Managing director for STAR and organization representing the music industry in the county of Rogaland, Norway. STAR works closely with artists, industry and local, regional and national authorities to make sure we take good care of talent and companies and develop our community according to the current trends and needs in the music industry. Martha has worked in the music industry for over 15 year and she still works as a manager and have soft spot for artist development, pre production and good music business strategies.

KARL-DAG KJOSAVIK // Tinfabrikken
23/11 13:00 - 14:00

“Music, freelancing and business - how to survive and thrive in the music business”

Karl-Dag Kjosavik is a Norwegian musician and entrepreneur with an education in business administration. During the recent years he has founded several interesting companies that thrives in theintersection between music,freelancing and business. Three examples: Employ, a company that employs freelancers, giving them structure and a sorely needed safety net, but letting them keep their freedom. LifeSound, a national company that promotes using live music in all parts of life, from business lunches to birthday parties. Tinfabriken, a co-work space and  office community for freelance workers in the new and bustling eastern part of Stavanger.

Karl-Dag has always had an interest in finding out how to make systems more efficient and better. So when he started out as a young freelancer, he quickly found that neither running a business as self-employed or as a self-owned inc. were the best solutions. That was his starting point – and today he is CEO of two of the aforementioned successful companies.

WESLEY T. A’HARRAH // Music Ally
24/11 10:00 - 11:00 + 13:00 - 14:00

“Trends And Tendencies 2017 - what does the music world look like today and what will 2018 bring?"

“Digital Marketing For Indies - practical tips and tricks to market you artists."

Wesley T. A’Harrah develops and delivers Music Ally’s b2b training on a global level, with clients including all of the major record labels, numerous publishers, independents, brands such as Red Bull and Spotify, and other music organizations. Music Ally’s training is centered on highlighting the best new tools and industry trends to help companies continually develop the best digital strategies. Wesley contributes to Music Ally's Sandbox Reports on digital marketing trends and opportunities and is the founder of multiple startups across publishing and influencer marketing spaces.

About Music AllyMusic
Ally exists to help reshape the music business so that it's fit the digital age. Building sustainable careers in a fairer system, and work with savvy artists, managers, labels, publishers and new digital music platforms which, together, are changing the way people connect with the music they love.Their clients span the music and technology sectors, include all of the major labels, music publishers and collecting societies, music platforms like Spotify and Deezer, and the tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

HALEY SHEA // Sløtface
24/11  12:00 - 13:00

“From DIY to World Domination - the ins and outs  of trying to make it as an artist in the global music industry in 2017." 

Named by Kerrang! as one of the «50 greatest rockstars in the world right now» Haley Shea is the vocalist and lyricist for the Norwegian pop-punk band Sløtface. They have toured Norway, US, UK and recently Australia, played festivals as Leeds and Reading and South By Southwest and the Great Escape, all before even releasing their debut album (Try Not To Freak Out). Having started out doing everything themselves, Haley has a unique perspective on how bands and artists should navigate in the music industry today.

STEIN BJELLAND // Stein70000

Stein Bjelland is a cultural entrepreneur and music business consultant. Curator of Music industry section of Synapse Knowledge.
Stein now runs Stein70000, his own consultant company within the music and the arts. There he has been dealing with counter-culture and entrepreneurship within the music- and arts business for the last 25 years, working closely with different organizations, companies, artists and institutions on innovation and entrepreneurship within the cultural sector.  

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Flore Morfin is a French DJ, label and event manager, as well as a composer, under the names of Flore and Ritual. She has been a professional musician for fifteen years. She's also an experienced teacher of Live and Push, at Formation Jarring Effects in Lyon, France. As a music tech consultant, she has also helped artists and bands to get the most out of technology in the studio and on stage. Having been an electronic music producer and DJ for almost 18 years, Flore is a notable artist in the Bass Music scene in France. Flore also runs label and club nights in France under the name POLAAR.  

organized by Ableton User Group Prague

During her lecture Flore will introduce her production and creative strategies. Later she will be facilitating the Push Playground with producer Martin Tvrdy. During this workshop anyone will have a chance to try Ableton Live together with dedicated midi controller  Ableton Push 2.

Tim Brinkhurst is a music producer and manager. He started as a musician as part of pop trio Soho. Brinkhurst currently looks after two artists, Law Holt and Callum Easter, and worked with Young Fathers up until the end of 2015.  Alongside his musical career, he has expertise in fashion, video, photography and theatre production, where he has acted as musical director and composer.

“Brothers & Sisters, It’s Time For You To Choose…”

Artists have a platform. What they say and do is amplified, louder than an ordinary person. If we accept that everything we do is political, what does it mean when an artist tries to ‘do the right thing’? How does it affect her career? Does it become part of the artist’s aesthetic? What if they make the wrong choice?
We will look at the moment when an artist becomes identified with a political stance, how the industry deals with radical statements, how what is considered acceptable socially and politically can change and leave a politically inspired artist isolated or attacked.

“Everyone In This Studio Is A Producer.”

What is a producer? Is it possible to be a producer without being a musician or a sound engineer? Where does producing begin and where does it end?Production technique ranges from the technical and practical to the weird and esoteric. Some producers are like members of the band, others apparently no more than suppliers of drugs. Should producers go back to wearing a suit and tie and be addressed as ‘Mr’? If a producer throws a chair at a drummer in a sound proof booth does it make a sound?

“How to survive in music industry”
hosted by Stein Bjelland

Guest and participants of educational program Synapse Knowledge getting together to summarize and discuss the possibilities of artists in today’s music industry. What does it mean to be independent? How to build a healthy music infrastructure and how to be a professional in music industry? Comparing local and foreing experience in the music industry.