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MeetFactory, o. p. s.
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13:00 do 20:00 + dle večerního programu

MEETFACTORY AND PLANETART present the festival DUTCH F*CK 20. 5. 2014 – 24. 5. 2014 Curator: Kees de Groot
Opening – lecture – DJ set: 20.5., 19.00 

Presentation – performance – party: 22.5., 20.00  

MeetFactory is thrilled to announce our hosting of the guest event aptly named DUTCH F*CK, presented by the collective PLANETART. The organizers of the international Gogbot Festival or Twente Biennale prepared a special showcase for Prague, including installations, performances, lectures, and of course a party! DUTCHF*CK will run from May 20th-24th, with the opening, lecture by the Dutch curators Viola van Alphen and Kees de Groot plus a DJ set by Shithead on the 20th and live international music DJs and performers on the night of the 22nd. The exhibition at MeetFactory Gallery will be open daily from 1 – 8pm and according to the evening program.

PLANETART is a collective of artists that create and initiate public projects, events and festivals that are comprised of art, technology, mass media and popular culture. Translated to English, DUTCH F*CK means to light one cigarette with another, which is a metaphor for the networking and ever growing and glowing field of PLANETART.

The participating artists and performers in this year’s event will include Teun Castelein, JODI, Alicia Framis, Rosa Menkman, Sandwoman, Daan Roosegaarde, ViaOral, Arno Coenen, Ruben van Leer, Jelle de Graaf, David Scheidler, Aike Luetkemoller and Sekitani. On the night of May 22nd, the musical live acts and DJs will include Monodeer, VJ Rosa Menkman, FENRIR, JODI, ViaOral + SandwomanXXL, a special Prague-based guest Michal Cimala and more!

 PLANETART, home of the electronic rage Amsterdam-Enschede, in cooperation with MeetFactory Prague.