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Black Lips (US) / Johnny The Horse (CZ) /  21. 5. 2014   Rock'n'Roll earthquake Black Lips to bring MeetFactory to its knees!

Prague  - MeetFactory – May 5th, 2014
  Atlanta's garage-rock band Black Lips gained some serious attention with their newest album Underneath The Rainbow in March. Already the seventh item on their wild discography, this album definitely lives up to their reputation as bad boys who have embraced the classic rock rule of three - sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Two years ago they wrecked MeetFactory - and they are undoubtedly going to do it again on Wednesday, May 21st, when they come back in full gear - not leaving one shirt dry.

Black Lips originated in Atlanta, Georgia around 1999. The original line-up of the singer, guitarist and leader Cole Alexander, bass player Jared Swilley and drummer Joe Bradley is currently completed by guitar player Ian Saint Pé Brown. The first self-titled record ensued in 2003, with the most recent Underneath The Rainbow, produced by Patrick Carney from The Black Keys, being released this past March. Genre-wise, Black Lips fall somewhere between dirty garage and mid-day hangovers, despite their sixth album Arabia Mountain (2011) being produced by retro pop warrior Mark Ronson (who made a name for himself by producing Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Kaiser Chiefs). In addition to their official albums, the band has been involved in numerous collaborations - they’ve worked with YACHT, The Dirtbombs and Pierced Arrows and also worked closely with Bradford Cox from Deerhunter / Atlas Sound, recording a single and creating the project Ghetto Cross together. 

Black lips will be supported by Johnny The Horse. Known as the bon vivant of the Prague art-club scene, Johnny (aka Jan Vytiska) has until recently been primarily known as a fine artist with peculiar sense of humor (drawing on distinctive themes from Wallachian folklore and combining them with metal and horror aesthetics). Johnny released his eponymous album containing six songs last November, with the help of Roman Štětina and Dominik Gajarský from Palermo. His music can be described as ranging from punk to post-punk. Black Lips and Johnny The Horse will play on Wednesday, May 21st, in MeetFactory, Prague.


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