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Prefuse 73 (US) / 19. 3. 2014

Magicians of sound Prefuse 73 to play at MeetFactory

Prague – 19th January – MeetFactory Guillermo Scott Herron aka Prefuse 73 is among the ranks with DJ Shadow and Flying Lotus. In his case, we’re talking instrumental hiphop meets loopy electro accompanied by a cutting edge audiovisual performance. Prefuse 73 takes to the tables for the first time in Prague on March 19th, at MeetFactory.

Guillermo, of Catalan, Irish, and Cuban descent, embarked on his worldwide musical self-discovery more than thirteen years ago. His first two albums, Vocal
Studies and Uprock Narratives (2001), as well as One Word Extinguisher (2003) belong to the essential collection of albums from the genre he has helped define. Despite performing under the guise of many different names, (Delarosa & Asora, Ahmad Szabo, Piano Overlord, eventually the project Risil founded by musicians from Sunn O))), Pivot, School Of Seven Bells and Hella), the man we now know as Prefuse 73 is the one responsible for all this wicked material.
  Prefuse 73’s discography contains eight items altogether (including a long list of EP’s and singles). His most recent album, The Only She Chapters, was released in 2011. Stunning Zola Jesus and the late Trish Keenan (Broadcast) are among the guests featured on this album.

Guillermo’s collaborations include other world class acts, such as The Flaming Lips, Four Tet, Amonem, Tobinem, TV On The Radio and Mouse On Mars. Recently, Prefuse 73 anounced his own recording label, in collaboration with producer Teebs. The team is ready to take on names like Nosaj Thing, Lapalux or Nathan Fake, and of course, themselves. This is his first visit back to Europe after a long 4 year absence and his first time ever in Prague! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to catch a world class audiovisual show at MeetFactory.

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