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Amalia Vargas

Amalia Vargas

Born on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, exiled in the north of France at the age of three, I grew up then in Corsica.

This mobility and these shifting landscape have refined my relationship with the territory and articulated my artistic thought. My work mixes elements with different origins. I use the object as a tool and am interested in forms and materials in assemblages and sculptures presenting hybridizations where collective stories and individual histories, traditions and mass cultures coexist. I question the space, the territory and its identity often by its rejects. My raw material is easily available taking up a certain iconographic regime, I negotiate between technique and appropriation to build my view on the current society. I move in an almost humorous way fragments, signs, forms seen to create a new dialogue highlighting a duality, a game between the subjects and the materials.

Graduate from the Fine arts school, ésam Caen/Cherbourg (FR)

In partnership with Bubahof, Za poštou 754/8 Prague 10 – Strašnice (CS)