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13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

“Other Knowledge” refers to those fields of knowledge, cognition and worldview formation that fall outside or go beyond the Enlightenment/rationalist concept of epistemology which is usually favored in our (European/modern) time and culture, or rather in the prevailing social systems and hierarchies (capitalism, patriarchy), with science being the main servant of this dominant epistemological model based on rationality. 
However, there are many other ways of learning and worldview formation. “Irrational” knowledge may be based on emotions, immediate experience, faith, speculation and imagination among others, mostly defying generally accepted norms and definitions, classification and provability.
The particular themes we will address in the upcoming period include spirituality, magic, mythology, empathy and intuition, para-science, conspiracy and post-truth, natural healing, altered states of consciousness and drugs, “insanity” vs. “normality”, childhood vs. upbringing/education, perception of the world by people with a sensory disability, discoveries and adventures, artificial intelligence, oral tradition and knowledge of “primitive peoples”, and last but not least, artistic research as a specific category of learning.

curators: Tereza Jindrová, Eva Riebová
production: Jan Vítek 

Spiritualities: Three Contemporary Portrayals of Transcendence and Beliefs (25. 5. 2020–16. 8. 2020) 
Where Are the Lions? / Ubi sunt leones? (23. 9. 2020–17. 12. 2020) 
Eva Koťátková: Interviews with the Monster (13. 1. 2021–6. 6. 2021)
Planted in the Body (29. 6.–22. 8. 2021) 
AI: All Idiots (15. 9.–24. 10. 2021)