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Curatorial Text / Kostka Gallery /TOM KOTIK (US/CZ): (RE)VISION


presents the exhibition  


curator: Zuzana Jakalová
opening: 7. 5. 7pm
exhibition duration: 7. 5. – 29. 5. 2014

Tom Kotik’s show (RE)VISION is the result of the author's long-term interest in the border zones between sound and silence. The installation prepared for Kostka Gallery draws upon Kotik’s Master’s thesis, and oscillates between two positions – that of a site- specific sound installation and an interactive object.

Living in city conglomerates, we are confronted daily with overwhelming sound pollution. The noise and bustle of day-to-day logistics, extensive transport systems and communication technologies creates our everyday sound environment. Sound carries strong connotations on the social level too: political speeches, the voice of the media; these are all metaphors for describing the power of sound and communication in public life. We become used to the oppressive sound environment - we tend to filter information, we choose to listen to music to separate us from unwanted sounds, we say: silence heals. But what would happen if silence really prevailed? Wouldn’t we all of a sudden feel insecure, feel as if something was wrong? Or vice versa, if we let sound into a space of silence, wouldn’t we lose the charm of quietness, meditation?

It is exactly the tension between calmness and energy, volume and serenity that is the key to Tom Kotik’s site-specific installation. Kotik perceives the gallery space as a framework that allows him to insert his passion for both silent contemplation and enthusiasm for the world of sound. In this case, the gallery space has two main functions - on one hand, it quietly frames the visually familiar object, on the other hand, it can serve as a grand speaker and become an immersive sound environment.  
And so, even though sound and silence might be perceived as two opposite magnitudes, Kotik perceives them as to mutually penetrable systems. Silence cannot function without sound, and sound would not make sense without silence. But whether the object will be kept hostage to the inaudible, or whether it will make Kostka Gallery vibrate with rock music, that is in the hands of the viewer.

Tom Kotik (1969) is an American musician and sculptor of Czech origin. In his practice, he is interested in the political and social consequences of sound and silence, which he translates into objects and sculptures. He graduated from Hunter College in New York and New York University. He lives and works in NYC. 

The residency and show of Tom Kotik was realized thanks to the kind support of the US Embassy in Prague.

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