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MeetFactory AiR project will present their views on the Czechs during the migration wave

November 27, Prague – The joint event of the MeetFactory Artists-in-Residence Program and the Goethe-Institut in Prague entitled NOT / INVITED explores issues of mobility, movement and diversity in the Czech Republic. The final evening scheduled on December 8th from 6pm connects the results of previous research of the artists in the form of video interviews, music, lectures, performances and shared meals.

The crucial part of the evening are videointerviews with residents of the Czech Republic coming from different backgrounds, representing different world views and beliefs. During the talks, pairs of strangers will swap their positions of the interviewer and the interviewee, and in confidential conversations will confront each other's views on the concepts of home and belonging, community or details of their life in the Czech Republic. Among invited guests are architect    Igor Kovačevič , president of the Senegalese community in the Czech Republic Ibrahima Diop, engineer Ivo Janoušek, art theorist Vjera Borozan, translator of Arabic anda refugee volunteer Safiane Kerboua, journalist and activist Fatima Rahimi and others.

,,It is essential for us to show that there is a large number of people with a personal history of migration in the Czech Republic at the moment already, even though we tend not to see it. What is the diversity, though? What are the different backgrounds, attitudes, lifestyles, ideas, religious beliefs? How do these relate to and create our common society? Of course we would like to open the topic to the general public, therefore we invite the audiences to come, we'd love to talk about the issues together," the curator of the AiR Program Zuzana Jakalová explains the intention of the event.

German artist and graphic designer Janna Ullrich will introduce aspecially designed board game No Man's Land touching the complex administrative processes and living conditions of people on the move. Part of the evening will be dedicated to a debate about the possibilities and mission of cultural projects and institutions during the migration wave. It will be attended by German curator and versatile artist Moritz von Rappard and Czech theater director Jana Svobodová.

Participating artists:
Christine Rahn:
Jomar Statkun and Nadja Frank, THIS RED DOOR collective (USA, New York City)
Naomi Fitzsimmons (UK, London)
Jens Heitjohann (Germany, Berlin)
Rafael Vogel (Germany)

The evening is organised with kind cooperation with Goethe Institut Prag and the support of the Czech-German Fund for the Future, and the American Embassy in Prague and ZK / U in Berlin.

Admission to the entire evening is free.

More information:
Šárka Maroušková → PR Manager +420 723 706 249

In 2015, MeetFactory is supported by a grant from the City of Prague in the amount of CZK 6,500,000.