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11th Birthday of Radio Wave: DJ Zinc + Danny L. Harle

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

13. 1. 20:00

DJ Zinc
Who has prepared a special set for our birthday has never aimed at the charts. This eyewitness of early British raves produced his first smash in 1995 and is still a functional veteran who fancies remaining anonymous. “Only those people attending clubs and see me playing can recognize me,” he said for the server Resident Advisor. Forty-four of age Benjamin Pettit has experienced everything – rave, house, breakbeat, drum and bass, in zero years he had a stab at EDM and coined his own hybrid style crack house. Once he was one of the leading figures behind the bootleg radio Rinse FM in the time when it was an illegal radio. He is still active on the scene, dancing floor and contemporary streaming platforms. 

Danny L. Harle
If we would like to search through the playlist of Radio Wave those tracks being played at most, British producer and classically educated musician Danny L. Harle would surely pop up. In his music, twenty-six years old fan of the dancing hits of the nineties combines elements from the past with something fundamentally modern. Harle’s sound has been formed on SoundCloud under the banner of the collective PC Music account. For 2017 Danny has been chosen for the representative sample of up-and-coming musical artists of SHAPE platform.

Dj Tuco




The performance of Danny L. Harle is brought to you by SHAPE platform and supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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