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Amplified by the Stillness: Guided Tour

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

14. 1. 18:00

The exhibition project “Amplified by the Stillness” will introduce in the Czech Republic a Berlin-based group of artists Das Numen, showing also original works by the group’s individual members whose creation arouses an ever-growing interest at the international art shows. The exhibition is complemented by artworks of artist duo A/A (Andreas Greiner and Armin Keplinger).
Amplified by the Stillness exhibition shows the objects that transform natural or chemical processes and disturb its conventional rhythm to achieve the state of a contemplative alertness. 

Take a look at photos from the opening of the exhibition. 

Eva Riebová, the curator of the exhibition, will lead the guided tour. 

More info:  
Amplified by the Stillness (24. 11. – 28. 1. 18)
Artists: Das Numen, A/A (Andreas Greiner & Armin Keplinger), Felix Kiessling, Julian Charrière, Markus Hoffmann
Curator: Eva Riebová 
Exhibition Proposal: Jaro Varga 

Opening: 24. 11. 2017 

Free entry.