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Amplified by the Stillness: Guided Tour

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

25. 1. 19:30

Everything in the world contains radioactive particles. The structures of buildings or even our bodies are storage containments for the nuclear sediment created by the human species. Four metres long column Atlas by Markus Hoffmann is created using uranium ore found in the area of the recently closed uranium mine Rožná in the Vysočina region of Southern Bohemia. Atlas could be seen as a core drill as well as an arche-type of a future column with the radioactive material inside acting as a parasite.

Do you want to see more? Join the curator Eva Riebová and members of Das Numen collective and participate at Amplified by the Stillness guided tour. 

And do you want to see more and more? Come earlies - MeetFactory Soirée starts at 7pm and you can be amazed by Works by Gili Avissar exhibition, audio-visual performance and enjoy DJs party. 

Free entry.