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Art Academy SA: Fluxus is a luxury

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

10. 6. 17:30 - 19:30

Art Academy SA: Fluxus is a luxury

In the summer semester of Art Academy , we focusing on the context of contemporary art and design. We try the methods and procedures of each artistic trends, get to know the artists and dive into adventure of creation. The result of our efforts will enrich the wardrobe or jewelry box, or decorate street or walls of our apartment. Creativity has no limits. Beauty and ugliness of art  perceive each other , around and inside us, hidden and obvious in our own reasons and taste. Life is about creating. Art is life.

Fluxus is a luxury
"We meet the Fluxus movement and artistic techniques of environment installation and trash art. With Swiss multimedia artist Anja Kaufmann we create an installation, that will be transfer the objects from thrash into the gallery space. The part of workshop is also working with sound."
Darina Alster

Condition of participation Art Academy:
1. can participate young people 12-20 years, if they apply and pay a registration for
The Student Academy 500 CZK till the beginning of the workshop
2. persons older than 19 can attend workshops on condition:
-sign up on our website
-will be capacity
-they pay for each workshop 250CZK before the workshop

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