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ÄTNA (DE) + Aiko (CZ)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

4. 5. 20:00

Grimes with a pinch of Björk, a grain of MØ and a touch of Fever Ray. A few years back at the Sloveninan MENT festival, we got mesmerized by the show of the great German duo ÄTNA. While Demian immerses himself in crafting organic beats, recorded on a drum kit and enhanced with delicate effects, Inéz weaves prismatic synth melodies and piano lines with her magical voice. As you listen closely to their futuristic tones, you get on a trip to a sonic wonderland that feels somewhat familiar but also unique in its unconventional style and execution. They smoothly mix art-pop, progressive indietronica, fresh rhythms and ubiquitous vocals.

For their debut Made By Desire, which opened a new chapter in German pop history, they earned the prestigious Anchor Award and have also collaborated with Solomun, Martin Kohlstedt and Meute. We are thrilled to host their headline show as a part of the upcoming European tour for their new studio album Push Life, coming out in April.

★ Aiko

290 CZK at MeetFactory &
390 CZK at the door

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