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Benjamin Steel (UK)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

16. 1. 20:30

Benjamin Steel is much more than just a rising pop star. Having been introduced to music theory by his Grandmother when he was just 7.
Since then he's had an amazing journey, through writing his first own songs, living just for creating in a shed, job in local UK studio, writing and producing for local bands and artists. Then he become part of UK indie/new wave band Visitors. After some time they had their first big success. With production idol Ed Buller created Benjamin debut single 'Oxygen'. It was championed by BBC 6 Music. The band had a European tour including a performance at Ibiza Rocks.
Than Benjamin started new part of his career - EDM project Howe Steel. After some time he decided to make a solo record, a record that would leave a mark in the history of music, working with the music industry's elite including Timbaland, Jim Beanz and again with Ed Buller.

This concert is not organized by MeetFactory, we only provide the space. For questions about this event, please contact the organizers.