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Bohemian Like You: Au Revoir Simone (US) + Luno (CZ)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

1. 10. - 1. 10. 2013 20:30
1. 10. 20:30

Girly dream-pop trio Au Revoir Simone release the new album Move In Spectrums on 23th September labeled by Moshi Moshi. The follower of four years old material Still Night, Still Light gives this Brooklyn sensation back to the game without any garish references and according to current single Crazy and vintage easthetic music video of track Somebody Who we might really look for it. The first Prague stop of these dreamy ladies will be started by home Luno with no less dreamy Ema Brabcova on the stage on the first day of October.

Au Revoir Simone have originated in formation of Erika Forster, Annie Hart and Heather D’Angelo ten years ago named Sung Bin Park. Division of production was and stil it is equally split to steady parts. In fact all the voices and synths are made by all of girls themselves and the rest of sounds (guitars, drum machines and so on) also. They put the name Au Revoir Simone inspired by the bizarre Tim Burton‘s comedy movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure from 1985.

Debut album Verses Of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation was released in 2055, followed by The Bird Of Music two years later, however the most commercial breakthrough came with the third record Still Night, Still Light from 2009. They approached to new listeners through the intellectual and unobjectionable pop sound spread somewhere between aesthetic of misty filtered motion picture The Virgin Suicides and fancy girl bands form fifites. The current new one Move In Spectrums should by more sound varied and a little more electronic. We can find out the complete discography of Au Revoir Simone in indexes of Moshi Moshi and Our Secret Record labels.

Equally substantive aspects of their productions are collaborations of girls with other related musicians. They are shown under the lyrics of track Who Am I Know? which was released on two years old album La Voyage Dans La Lune from French Air. Some remixes of the band were created by Jens Lekman, Dam Mantle, Hot Chip, Deradoorian or Neon Indian and on their concert tour they were accompanied by Peter, Bjorn & John or We Are Scientists.


Home project Luno is so far responsible for two long-playing records and one EP. Undoubtedly, the key part of their production is the voice of Ema Brabcova (Dietrichova) which is best-known by home music fans like a singer of Roe-Deer and then Khoiba. Luno is not the band of one-women project, but a regular band formed besides by Ema also by bass guitarist Šmita, drummer Jan Janeček and keyboardist and guitarist Martyn Starý. The sound of both released albums (Luno, 2010 and Zeroth, 2012) and one EP (Litato, 2011) defines a psychedelic pop with a dash of thoughtful electronics and rock. A concert activity of Luno started to be a little complicated after Ema moved abroad, so the invitation to concert in common with Au Revoir Simone might be understood like a dual event nicely packed in one special gift.


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