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Bohemian Like You: Suuns (US)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

9. 6. 20:30

One of the most original rock bands at the moment - Suuns brings on the paranoia circus to MeetFactory on Monday, June 9. Surrounding the leader and singer Ben Shemie, the band shapes the influences of kraut rock and neopsychedelic rock into a solid performance. Both albums, Zeroes QC (2010) and Images Du Futur (2013) represent a distinctive view at today's music scene and we're proud to welcome their show at the height of their musical powers.

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Photos of the concert (copyright: Jan Kuča)

Vstupenky / Tickets:
290 Kč na stránkách / at,
290 Kč + poplatky v předprodejích / + fees in presale networks
390 Kč na místě / at the door

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