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Bohemian Like You: Caribou (CAN) + Jessy Lanza (CAN) - SOLD OUT

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

16. 10. 20:00

Originally from Canada, the musician and mathematician(!) Dan Snaith has been releasing his music for some 14 years now - formerly know as Manitoba, he had to change his name to Caribou in 2005 after being sued by the Canadian band The Dictators' front man.

His multi-layered collages of pop melodies, polyphonic singing and frenetic drums are hard to describe, but very easy to fall in love with. With the latest record "Swim" from 2010, which had been named record of the year by prestigious Resident Advisor website, and by constant touring - he had played over 200 shows that year - Caribou has reached the indie-rock stardom. Of course, his friendship with Thom York and a world tour with Radiohead two years later might have helped. After that, Dan disappeared from the spotlight, only to release a dance album in 2012 under his Daphni moniker. However, this year marks Caribou's comeback - after few festival appearances during the summer, the band has announced their sixth regular album titled "Our Love" and a subsequent autumn tour.

Caribou will be supported on this tour by fellow Canadian Jessy Lanza, who also hosts on the new record.

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Photos from the concert (Jan Hromádko)

This show is SOLD OUT, there are no more tickets available, sorry.

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