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The Journey

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

5. 6. - 22. 8. 2014 19:00

Invited artists: Darina Alster a Veronika Slámová (CZ), Francis Alÿs (BE/MX), Martin Bražina (CZ), Jana Doležalová (CZ), Peter Fischli & David Weiss (CH), Vojtěch Fröhlich (CZ), Harold Guérin (FR), Jan Krtička (CZ), Karel Kunc (CZ), Rudolf Samohejl (CZ), František Skála (CZ), Adéla Součková (CZ), Guido van der Werve (NL)

Curator: Karina Pfeiffer Kottová     

The act of escaping from the creative shelter of the artist's studio, from where the finished work travels to the gallery space designed for showing it, brings along certain risks. An artwork emerging on a journey from A to B, in the open air or within the urban landscape faces the danger of being mistaken for a creation of nature or pure chance, while the question of authorship gains yet another dimension. Nevertheless, for contemporary "post-Barbizon" artists it's a risk they are willing to take: to go outside, create instantly, and without any mediation. They also react to their surroundings and unexpected (weather) conditions.

This group show based on the topic of a ‘journey’ explores works by several contemporary artists who build on such a legacy in their own specific ways. It maps the journeys of both emerging and internationally recognized artists through performance or constructed narratives, installations and site-specific projects, and in some cases within a dialogue with the forms of minimalism and land art. The exhibition elaborates on the topic of movement in contemporary art, as well as the tension between the place of origin and that of presentation, the space inside and outside.

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