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Matěj Samec: Breath

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

12. 6. 20:00

"What I'm about to tell you is not true. I'm not forcing you to look for it. It's my birthday today."

Joseph is called Joseph, but no one calls him by his name. When he was little, he believed the stars got a little closer every night. He clears his head with strenuous mountain treks, has a favorite bar where an interesting singer often sings sad songs about the hints of love. His personal life is in tatters, he cheats on his wife with women from the internet in filthy hotel rooms. 
The rain has come down from the sky, silent as a corpse.

For the most part, the production, like all the more interesting events of our sad lives, takes place in the dark to allow the essential sensory sensations to emerge; the high pitched tone of the nervous system, the deep tone of the rushing blood, and the dynamically changing rhythm of human breathing, determined by the actual intensity of the panic of our mothers' deaths.

Matěj Samec: Breath
script and dramaturgy by Matěj Samec
directed by Natália Deáková
set: Pavel Svoboda
costumes: Jana Smetanová
music: Jakub Kudláč
sound design: Ondřej Gášek
production: Magda Juránková
supervision: Andrea Černá
photography: Andrea Černá
video: Tereza Havlínková

cast: Jan Hájek, Barbora Milotová

Information for visitors: 
The performance takes place for the most part in the dark. The audience sits on fatboys.
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200 CZK for students and citizens with permanent residency at Prague 5 

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