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Elektro Guzzi (AT)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Elektro Guzzi (AT)

3. 12. 19:00

Elektro Guzzi was founded in Austria in 2010 by Jakob Schineidewing, Bernhards Breuer, and Hammer. Influenced by Detroit’s techno scene (Jeff Mills & Carl Craig in particular), the trio debuted their original fusion project under Berlin label Macro.

The next year they followed up with two studio albums: Parquet and Live P.A. Their latest record, Circling Above, came out last year and is their first to be released under the London label The Tapeworm- which, among others, represents their homeboy Fenesz (Philip Jeck). Circling Above was released only on tape and in extremely limited condition- the guys clearly wanted to do a project that reached out only to their true fans (and tape fetishists alike). In addition to the previously mentioned albums, the group has also released a number of singles- Extrakt (2011), Allegro (2012) and Cashmere (2013). Elektro Guzzi has also participated in numerous progressive festivals such as Sónar in Barcelona, Melt! in Germany, and the Rokslide in Denmark, where they repeatedly prove themselves a fan favourite- as a result of their phenomenal live performances, which combine dance fusion with live rock instrumentals (guitar, bass, drums). 

In addition to Elektro Guzzi these gentleman find outlets for their creativity in side projects such as the noiserock group Tumido and experimental hip-hop collective Metalycee. Elektro Guzzi remains their priority though and this is reflected in the appreciation they receive from their fans.

This concert is part of our Public House event- which means free entry!

This concert has been made possible due to the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Photos from the concert (copyright: Jan Kuča)