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Elfriede Jelinek: he not himself

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

11. 6. 20:00

translation: Barbora Schnelle
directed by: Katharina Schmitt
dramaturgy: Jan Horák
pageant: Marsha Ginsberg
music: Nick Gill
cast: Ivana Uhlířová
production: Dominika Andrašková
‘All these lines are now like carcasses silently hidden inside of you. There is still enough life trapped in most of us if we devote time to finding one another! (...) Happy is the one who has no idea what it means to be alone.‘ Elfriede Jelinek – he is not himself
What’s the identity of a writer who does not write? What are the possibilities to express oneself by means of a language? Who are we? And who are we without our language?
In „He Is Not Himself“ we deal with streams of human identity. In her 12 pictures, Ivana Uhlířová takes an actor’s approach to different ways of saying ‘Me’. Her formal approach is almost performative: There are many ways how to disappear, how not to be. One may stop communicating on all levels, however an actor on stage will never rid himself of his body. “He Is Not Himself” tells about this tension, this conflict between bodily physicality and one’s desire not to be.
1. Elias visiting Robert. Robert is not at home.
2. Robert in the forest.
3. Elfriede wants to disappear. Robert’s tiger. 
4. Order: source of supreme beauty. 
5. Robert and his circle of acquaintances. 
6. Elias makes order and offers Robert a piece of cake. 
7. Elfriede tries to disappear 1.
8. Robert alone at the railway station.
9. Elfriede tries to disappear 2.
10. Robert in the slender room. 
11. Elfriede disappears.
12. Elias going for a walk.
Stage director Katharina Schmitt
Katharina Schmitt was born in 1979 in Bremen. During 2001-2006 she studied stage direction of drama at DAMU (Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague). Since 2006 she has been active as stage director and playwright both in Prague and Berlin.
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