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Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

16. 5. 20:00

Dear fans,
due to the current measures taken by Czech government in reaction to the global pandemic and state of emergency, we have to cancel all plays at the theater.

The tickets remain valid. Send an email for changing the date or if you want return money. You will make the hard times easier for us if you decide not to asking money back.

For more information, please contact

Thank you for your understanding. We have to be responsible. Please, take care of yourself and of each other.

“The only thing I can do now is look for you and hope I encounter something that isn’t like you and that can replace you.”

A woman has come to visit another woman in her log cabin in north-eastern Norway. She wants to relay a message, but due to the circumstances, its contents are withheld. The cabin is soon cut off from electricity, it’s snowing densely, and there is so much left unspoken between the women that every attempt to break the silence stings like hell.

Script and director: Matěj Samec
Set, costumes, and director: Jana Preková
Music: Jakub Kudláč
Dramaturgy: Kateřina Šavlíková
Production manager: Magda Juránková
Photography: Andrea Černá 
Actors: Zuzana Stavná a Anita Krausová

Premiere: 19. 12. 2019
250 Kč 
150 Kč for students and permanent residents of Prague 5
Ticket reservations at
Do you want to give theatre as a gift? Throughout the year, we offer the possibility to turn a ticket into a gift voucher.

Show length: 1 hour 5 minutes without intermission 

English subtitles