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Georgij Ramišvili presents: Noize MC (RU)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

25. 10. 20:00

NOIZE MC will perform a big solo gig in Prague this Autumn. Ivan Alexeev, better known as Noize MC, one of the best freestyle rappers in Russia, a creator who was never limited by any style frames, he produces tough rap pieces, rapcore, harder rock songs and melodic ballads.XVI - a program set made of greatest and most significant songs for the 16 years of band existance.

You will hear ironical rap about top pains of nowadays, touching romantic guitar songs, powerful oldschool freestyle and unforgetable drive and energy - a visit card of Noize MC gigs.For his passion to tell the truth in his music Noize MC was suppressed by governmental authorities numerous times. Fifteen days imprisonment, rows of cancelled concerts: he criticizes current regime, corruption and "untouchables", not being afraid to tell even the names; still performes in Ukraine and is always welcome there despite the conflict between two countries. Recently performed in a big charity show to support another rapper Husky, arrested during his concert, alongside with Oxxxymiron and Basta. However, Noize MC music is not all about protest and politics - there is a lot about meaning of life, love and relationship, global world issues etc.

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