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Jimena Mendoza: Lo

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

10. 6. - 15. 7. 2018

Lo by Jimena Mendoza is inspired by human transfigurations which take place with the will of nature acting as a catalyst. Following her long-term interest in iconography, Mendoza filters diver's tales from literature, myth, or cosmo-visions that narrate "original" conceptions: from Jupiter to Io, through Virgin Mary to Coatlicue, or even Susana San Juan.

Artist: Jimena Mendoza
Curator: Eva Riebová
Proposal: Jaro Varga 
Exhibition opening: 9. 6. 2018 during Prague Museum Night 2018 at MeetFactory
Photo: gallery from the opening by Libor Galia, Kateřina Hudáčinová, exhibition view by Tomáš Souček

Interview with artist

Entry: Free