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Juli Zeh: Dark Matter

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“Only a few people fear what one needs to fear.”

An unconventional detective story in which both the culprit and his motive are known to us from the very beginning. The worlds of two leading physicists who differ drastically from one another: while one of them believes in the causal approach to life, the other is an adherent of the many-worlds interpretation. Once, they were close friends. Or are they still?

Why do we lose ourselves in other worlds, debate about the various modes of existence, and let ourselves be bewitched by countless possibilities of life and its directions, all this at the expense of the here and now? In a world in which the impossible to grasp is secured by scientific designations, we observe too a belief in miracles: the detective’s search for proof of the murderer’s innocence. How can we describe our world when it’s full of possibilities and each of them has its own version in the lived life of each of us? What are the prerequisites for feeling that one has lived a fulfilled life?

“Lucie Ferenzová’s Dark Matter has several significant assets: an excellently chosen script, clever set design with a striking object by Pavel Sterec, and effective music by Markéta Dvořáková from LO/VE).” – Marta Martinová, A2 cultural bi-weekly

“The set design has the farthest reach – Pavel Sterec’s object dominates the stage. Its three rotating hoops efficaciously evoke the Earth’s rotation, but they can also be understood as a geometrical model which schematically expresses the internal organisation of atoms or the constellations in our galaxy. Its somewhat childish neon colours, however, seem to suggest that the object is making fun of itself, and this likeable detachment is typical of the entire production.” – Petra Zachatá, Divadelní noviny

Translation: Jana Zoubková
Director: Lucie Ferenzová
Dramaturgy: Matěj Samec 
Scene object: Pavel Sterec 
Scene, Costume: Andrijana Trpković
Music: LO/VE
Production: Magda Juránková 

Actors: Kristýna Frejová, Jakub Gottwald, Michal Balcar, Markéta Dvořáková

Premiere: 14. 5. 2018 

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