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Karolina Bregula (PL): Film screening Fire-Followers and The Soup with the artist’s introduction

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

7. 5. 20:00

Karolina Bregula is a Polish multimedia artist who works foremost with video, photography and happenings.

At MeetFactory, Karolina Bregula will show her mockumentary Fire-Followers, which was shot in 2013, and a short film titled The Soup, which was produced a year later. The movie Fire-Followers takes place in a peaceful Nordic town, which suffered by repeating fire disasters throughout the history. The documentary-like interviews with the town’s inhabitants gradually reveal a strange situation, which also touches upon the state of the local art community. Although the majority of the townsfolk consider the fires as a frustrating threat, some members of the art scene believe that a regular destruction of the tradition is necessary for its renaissance and vitality. In an unsettling manner, the movie not only deals with the question of the role of tradition in art, but also opens up the topic of confrontation between the interests of the art community and those of the society as a whole. A similar topic is present also in the second movie by Karolina Bregula, The Soup. The video depicts a group of artists discussing their interest in a revolution, which is currently happening. Nevertheless, none of them has the courage to leave the dinner and to join the important event.

Both videos are made as fictional documents, commenting – with a touch of absurdity and grotesque – on a pungent issue of the artistic involvement in the society’s affairs at large.

Karolina Bregula has graduated from the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź and has performed and exhibited in various notable venues such as National Museum in Warsaw, Jewish Museum in New York or the Venice Biennale.

The screening begins a long-term series of evenings presenting contemporary videoart and film in the visual art. During the same evening, a MeetFactory artist-in-residence Gábor Koós (SK/HU) will open his solo show at Kostka Gallery .
With a kind support of the Polish Institute in Prague.