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Khaaoscope Musick & Beyond Management present: Carbon Based Lifeforms

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

25. 3.

Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Vadestrid are coming from Gothenburg (Sweden) to Prague in the Czech Republic for the first time. Their ambient downtempo has been known for its original unearthly atmosphere ever since their twenty years old debut Hydroponic Garden. Initially influenced by projects such as Boards of Canada and FSOL, Carbon Based Lifeforms have developed an unmistakable signature that has earned them a place at the top of the psychedelic electronic scene alongside Solar Fields and Asura.

Their iconic albums like World of Sleepers or Interloper count among the best in the genre today. With Derelicts, the pair consolidated their signature lo-fi sound resulting from their analogue gear. And finally, with Stocachtic, the Swedes started experimenting with random layering of synth inputs, with the aim of creating a platform for passive listening while also stimulating focus and concentration on the sound itself. The audiovisual presentation of Carbon Based Lifeforms promises an unforgettable experience in the industrial scene of Prague’s Smíchov.

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The concert is promoted by Khaaoscope Musick & Beyond Management. In case of any questions, please contact