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Khoiba (CZ) + Čáry života (CZ)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

17. 4. 20:30

The Khoiba new CD brings a deep plunge into the world common for Ema Brabcová and Filip Míšek. It can evoke feelings of ambiguity, is both revealing and veiled, brutal and fine, disturbing and calming, containing hope and despair, is full of distance and interconnections, hiding places and layers where you can disappear. „We have created such a dishevelled cephalopod,“ says Khoiba. No matter what admixtures of electronic music is Khoiba working with, what is substantial for the band is to feel emotion, though it doesn't have to be pleasant. The thing is that you are under the risk of touching something really sensitive. The journey not conditioned by return is, as a rule, intoxicating. „Come with us, you should go,“ sings Ema. Stop time together with Ema and Filip…    

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