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KineDok: Mečiar

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
KineDok: Mečiar

17. 3. 20:00

A story of political corruption, kidnapping and organized crime, an HBO Europe documentary The Lust for Power chronicles the incredible rise of Vladimir Meciar, Slovakia's first prime minister following its return to democracy after 40 years of totalitarian communist rule. Director Tereza Nvotova creates a hauntingly personal take on a society in crisis, using old home videos of herself and friends as children, playacting and imitating Meciar's ruthless use of propaganda and intimidation to achieve and maintain power.


Slovakia / Czech Republic, 2017, 89 min 
director: Tereza Nvotová 

with English subtitles 

60 CZK at or at the bar before the screening