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KineDok presents: Normal Autustic Film

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
KineDok presents: Normal Autustic Film

10. 12. 20:00

The term autism can be in interpreted as a different way of thinking that should be recognized and respected as a social category (neurodiversity). Therefore, the right question is 'What is different about an autist?' and not 'What is wrong about him?' This film does not perceive autism as a diagnosis but as mysterious way of thinking that might bring a certain message to the majority of society or it might attract its attention to so called normal conditions people are living in.

Mirslav Janek, the director of the movie, will be the guest of the KineDok evening. Feel free to ask him questions after the screening. 

Feel free to visit the Amplified by the Stillness guided tour before the screening. The entry is free. 

More information: 
Normální autistický film / Normal Autustic Film
Director: Miroslav Janek 
Czech Republic, 2016 

60 CZK at