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Kinedok presents: Ultra (HU)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Kinedok presents: Ultra (HU)

25. 3. 18:00

Ultra is a creative documentary about people who dedicate their lives to running, in order to compete in this radical journey. The movie follows them as they confront extreme hardship and surpass the limits of their strength, both in their body and their mind. Whether running to escape from their everyday life, to challenge ageing or to seek the supernatural, every runner gets a taste of immortality and experiences his own mortality.

The four protagonists have their own answers, particular motivations for why. For some of them it’s a therapy, for some of them, it’s a compensation or a journey. Ultra is a touching human drama, a character-driven-film told from an antiheroic angle. The movie follows the protagonists on the 246 km-long roads of contemplation and self-discovery. Ultra offers a special access to the thoughts and naked emotions of everyday athletes.

Balazs Simonyi is not just the director of the film, but one of these runners. He finished successfully many ultra races, especially Spartathlon 4 times in a row (2013-2016). Actually he never gave up any races. He introduces the audience to this unknown universe, and shares his naked feelings and thoughts on the road.

Ultra (2017)
Director: Balázs Simonyi

Entry: 60 CZK