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Kings of Convenience (NO) - evening concert VYPRODÁN / SOLD OUT

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

3. 12. 20:00

Both shows are now sold out, there will be no tickets at the door. Here's the timetable:

20:00 door open
21:00 show starts
23:45 show ends

- Please, be on time, late arrivals will not be admitted to the hall.
- The shows are non-smoking with open seating
- As per ban request, photography will not be allowed as the show is so quiet that the clicking from camera shutters will disturb it. Please, leave your cameras at home. Please leave your cameras at home.
- There will be a 15 minute break for drinks and smokes (in front of the building) at show's half.
- During the break and after the show, there will be merch on sale - the QITNL book, t-shirts and posters. Unfortunately, there are no vinyls.

In 17 years of existence, they only released three albums the last of which came out 6 years ago. Furthermore, the albums all sound very similar - an acoustic indie-folk with the most simple arrangements. Supposedly, they don't like to tour and when they do, they pick their venues carefully. Despite, or perhaps precisely because of this, they have a loyal cult following. Ginger nerd Erlend and cute-faced Eirik, who just by using two acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies create sparse, but bold songs about love and life. 

This year, Kings of Convenience return to stage for two short tours, where they perform their 14 years old firs album Quiet is the New Loud back to back, accompanied by live interview and presentation of a book about recording the debut. A very special show and surely a fulfilled dream for many fans, Kings of Convenience will play Prague for the first time ever on Thursday, December 3.

Please note:
As per band's request, this will be a seated show with open/free seating. Smoking and photography is forbidden. The show will take around 2,5 hours.

The evening is organized like this:
1. Interview on stage
2. Side A of QITNL
3. Fifteen minutes break
4. Side B of QITNL.

Tickets / Presale:

This show is promoted by MeetFactory o.p.s. as a part od Synapse 2015 project. The project is co-financed by the EHP Norwegian Funds 2009 - 2014.