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K.Y.E.O: Ben Frost (ISL) presents A U R O R A

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

23. 5. 20:00

We’re all very excited to announce the release of Ben Frost’s A U R O R A, his first solo record since the widely acclaimed 2009 album By the Throat. A U R O R A is released by Bedroom Community on 26th May 2014 and is licensed to Mute Records outside Iceland. 

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At is the first in a tryptych of films made for A U R O R A by Trevor Tweeten and Richard Mosse. Performed by Ben Frost with Greg Fox (ex Liturgy), Shahzad Ismaily and Thor Harris (Swans) and largely written in Eastern DR Congo, A U R O R A aims directly, through its monolithic construction, at blinding luminescent alchemy; not with benign heavenly beauty but through decimating magnetic force. This is no pristine vision of digital music, it is a filthy, uncivilized offering of interrupted future time where emergency flares illuminate ruined nightclubs and the faith of the dancefloor rests in a diesel-powered generator spewing forth its own extinction, eating rancid fuel so loudly it threatens to overrun the very music it is powering. Curiously, darkness is expelled to the muddy sedge and a confusing irradiant glow permeates A U R O R A, where everything once wounded, remains fiercely animate and luminescent with charged destruction.

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