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Michel Houellebecq: Serotonin

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Michel Houellebecq: SerotoninMichel Houellebecq: Serotonin

6. 5. 20:00
28. 4. 20:00

 Have we succumbed to the illusion of personal freedoms, open lives, endless possibilities? It is possible; that’s what was thought then.” 

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter stored in blood platelets, and when it is lacking, depression and mood disorders ensue. Serotonin is also the title of a most gloomy book by the French writer Michel Houellebecq, whose first theatrical staging in the Czech context will take place at the MeetFactory Theater. 
Forty-six-year-old Florent-Claude, physically healthy, but just on the edge of death, discovers that he has made a mistake in his life: he has somehow missed the fact that being in a romantic relationship places different demands on a person than choosing hummus in the supermarket. He experiences an overwhelming sense of emptiness, which cannot be driven away by tactics that were previously successful, such as luxury goods, narcotics, exotic destinations and perverted sex. From one day to the next, Florent-Claude cuts all of his work and personal ties and abandons all of the practical components of his daily life. He stages several real and phantasmagoric encounters with his previous partners and with himself, so that he can fully dedicate himself to his loneliness and stumble onto an inescapable conclusion. The pain he experiences is threatening, but it seems to be inevitable, and cleansing. 

Director: Natália Deáková 
Stage Design: Pavel Svoboda 
Costumes: Jana Smetanová 
Music: Jakub Kudláč 
Sound design: Martin Kuhn 
Light design: Lukáš Pondělíček 
Dramatization a dramaturgy: Matěj Samec 
Production: Magda Juránková 
Actors: Jan Hájek, Andrea Elsnerová, Tomáš Drápela, Diana Toniková / Halka Jeřábek Třešňáková

Premiere: 14 June 2020

English subtitles 

300 CZK
200 CZK for students and citizens with permanent residency at Prague 5 

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