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Citizen and Thing: Part 5

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

26. 2. 20:30
6. 1. 20:00

The fifth continuing production of the theater project by Aleš Čermák. 

Written and directed by Aleš ČermákDramaturgy: Matěj SamecProduction: Dominika AndráškováStarring : Jakub Gottwald , Ivana Uhlířová , Jana Kozubková, and more ...

Ales Cermak graduated last year from the studio of monumental works by Jiří Příhoda. He is the author, editor and founder of the independent publishing company Ausdruck Books, which in the last three years issued 15 titles from the author's own literary production after a series of collaborative projects. His work thematically concerned with social thinking, literature, scenarios and possibilities of human interaction. His work is for the first time confronted with a moment of focused testing on the theater. His creative partners are notable acting personalities Jakub Gottwald, Ivana Uhlířová and Jana Kozubková.
This thirty-minute production is conceived as a six-part continuously changing project that is included in one of the cycles of the so-called free directions. Their purpose is to allow the audience to participate in adventurous trips to theater media and other artistic genres in which the medium is confronted with the loss of their constitutional aspects , that can be perceived with a new, completely unexpected aspect such as lighting.
"We are not interested in Shakespeare's methods, but instead his ambition. The ambition to examine human and company behavior in the relation to human existence." - (Peter Brook, Pohyblivý bod)