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Open Call: Sauna Studio

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

30. 11.

We chose Karolina Mełnicka and we are sorry for the late announcement. 

Expanding the boundaries of what is commonly perceived as performance MeetFactory A-i-R offers a residency dedicated to SAUNA. In the cold days of late autumn of 2023, we would like to work with artists whose project is going to circulate around the topic of wellness and well-being spotted at places sucha as steam chamber, banya, or natural sauna hut. Exploring the cultural and political background of sweating we are open to artists who treat the sauna as a stage for performance, sight for rituals, or safe space for healing procedures. Feel free to apply with projects that are going to examine the sauna phenomenon critically - as long as you will be willing to practice the sauna yourself and allow others to participate. After all, this is the best way to reach altered states of mind by simply using heat. Sweat up!

MeetFactory is a non-for-profit international center for contemporary art. Our mission is to foster a dialogue between individual genres and make the current happenings on the art scene accessible to the widest public. We support original projects in the fields of visual arts, theater and, music as well as interdisciplinary and experimental platforms. We aim to create a space where art is alive, and artists are present, enhancing a direct exchange between international artists and the visitors, as well as between different fields and generations.


What do we provide:

  • accommodation in a shared apartment,
  • studio space, 
  • a fee of 700 euros gross per month, 
  • a production budget of 200 euros, 
  • further production budget related to the project.  


Make sure you will be able to spend at least 80% of your residency time here in Prague. 

Interested applicants must send the following information in English:

  • CV,
  • short description of the project you’d like to work on - up to 1000 characters,
  • portfolio.  


1st of October - 31st of November 2023 - 60 days 

Please send all of the documents to with a tag SAUNA.
Applications are due on 30th of November, 2022
Selection results will be on the 20th of December 2022 the latest 

Committee: MeetFactory Artists In Residence team