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Open Studios + Discussion: What Is Relevant?

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

26. 9. 18:00

What is relevant today? We believe all of us suffering from environmental grief deals with this question in one way or another. What could we do to perform somewhat improvement that could respond to the climate crisis? What kind of major change in human mindset is required to lose this annoying sensation of uselessness in front of unstoppable changes we are experiencing? Somehow blaming institutions no matter whether we point at the government, museum or galleries, is not enough. Taking responsibility for finding the answer to these questions starts with a question what can I do/change within walls of my own studio within my own artistic practice? We would like to encourage a discussion about sustainable studio practice and turn it into a starting point for a residency dedicated to this topic which is going to start on March 2020 at MeetFactory.  

The discussion will accompany the announcement of regional (distanced up to 1000 kilometers from Prague) open call for sustainable studio practice. 

The discussion featured by Hynek Alt, Barbora Skácelová Fastrová, Klara Hobza, Juliana Höschlová, Amelia Tan, Matěj Pavlík, Johana Pošová, Nik Timková 

The discussion will be in English. 

Since 7 pm the first floor will be opened and our residents will present their work. The open studios' guided tour will be lead by curators Lucia Kvočáková and Piotr Sikora. It starts at 8 pm. 

We cordially invite you to the exhibition opening. Laterna magika: The Memory of an Experiment will be opened in MeetFactory Gallery at 7 pm. 

free entry
18:00 discussion What Is Relevant? 
19:00 Laterna magika: The Memory of an Experiment - opening of the exhibition 
20:00 residential floor guided tour 

19:00–23:00 open studios


The event is part of Global Week of Climate Action