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Guardians of the Civic Good 2

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“She only went to the elections to vote for ODS. She still does. Even TOP 09 is treason to her. She has a framed picture of Klaus at home, and now she voted for Zeman for the second time, because – as she says – he’s a ‘similar format’. The last of the great politicians not to even need Facebook. He’s authentic. Ah well… The young won’t make me shit myself. It was all ready when they came in.”  

A peculiar family of five has been all ablaze with the presidential election, from this January to December 2018. The family conflict reveals diametrically opposing views of the last 30 years of Czech politics. What is the legacy of the “golden” 1990s? Why did the losing candidate, Jiří Drahoš, go quiet? Why does Marie want to divide queers into rich and poor? Does work take people’s money? What silenced voice does Michal want to support, and how will the situation with grandma pan out? Eight years after the publication of the eponymous novel to which this play by Petra Hůlová is an autonomous sequel, this dramatised description of Czech society “in the eyes of the defeated” gets a new and ruthless urgency.

Script: Petra Hůlová
Dramaturgy: Matěj Samec
Director: Adam Svozil
Sets and costumes: Ján Tereba
ProductionMagda Juránková

Acting: Zuzana Ščerbová, Natália Drabiščáková, Tomáš Petřík, Zoja Oubramová, Vladimír Pokorný

“It seems like someone finally understood the foundations of political theatre. (…) The production is a good contribution to the arena of Czech political theatre: no moving and emotional scenes, no moralising, no ridicule.” – Lenka Dombrovská, Divadelní

“Thanks to excellent performances by all the actors (who have to struggle with their fate as mouthpieces for various opinions) and the mobile stage, the production doesn’t seem static, even despite how wordy it is. As for Petra Hůlová’s text, we must acknowledge the relatively successful attempt to reflect with depth and objectivity on the current atmosphere in Czech society.” – Petr Nagy, Literární

“Guardians of the Civic Good 2 works as a distinctive form, describing in detail this year’s ‘mental’ situation. We encounter a very well observed shift in the societal discussion from ‘right-left’ conflict towards a different sort of labelling: intellectuals are now connected only to leftist and elitist positions, and the portion of society which celebrates its ‘victory’ is that which looks neither left nor right, instead bringing society closer to the reality before 1989.” – Ester Žantovská, Artzóna

Premiere: 17. 6. 2018 

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On 26th February we join with this show to Malá inventura festival. This festival was supported by the City of Prague amounting of 500 000 CZK.