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私は**をやったことがないことがないので、私は推測する Because I have never done it anywhere, I´m coming

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

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Scenario and directed by: Jan Kačena
Scene and costumes: Marek Brožek a Barbora Zelníčková
Music: Jonáš Rosůlek
Dramaturgy : Matěj Samec
Production: Dominika Andrašková
Cast: Robin Kvapil, Bohdan Bláhovec, Anita Krausová, Matěj Nechvátal a Jan Strejcovský

A new play reflecting Japanese culture, traditions, literature, horror, sex and crime... A loose adaptation of psychothriller In the Miso Soup by novelist and filmmaker Rjú Murakami (born 1952). Horror stories and reflection essays based on traditional Japanese genres by Greek writer Lafcadio Hearna (1850-1904), who was one of the first foreigners to move to the slowly opening Japan in the second half of the 19th century. A book of reflections about geishas Seller of Smiles (1929) by the Czech author, traveler and expert on Japan Joe Hlouchy (1881 - 1957), who contributed greatly to the introduction of the principals of Japanese fine art to Czech illustration. Hermann Hesses novel Narcis and Goldmund (1930), and finally on the publication Tokyo Lucky Hole by Japanese fotographer Nobuyoshi Araki (1940) containing hundreds of photographs from sex clubs in the Shinjuku district of tokyo, of which he was a regular visitor and which were closed down in 1985 after the introduction of a new bill regulating the sex industry in Japan.

In Czech with no subtitles

Tickets are 200 CZK and there is a 40% discount for students and the handicapped. Reservations: