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Ke Sklárně 3213/15
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Radio Wave Stimul Festival presents: Jens Lekman (SE), Carla dal Forno (AU), Kedr Livanskiy (RU)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

21. 11. 20:30

On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, the Autumn Radio Wave Stimul Festival will hold another eclectic concert series at Prague's MeetFactory; presenting three very contemporary soloists and their various approaches to music. The exclusive-international evening will introduce the famous Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman, Australian Carla dal Forno, and the young hope of the Russian underground Kedr Livanskiy.

Jens Lekman (SE)
In the mid 2000s, Swedish songwriter, Jens Lekman, was busy making a big name for himself from his hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Lekman is now a pivotal and influential figure in the Nordic indie pop scene through telling his intelligent and often bitter stories accompanied by pop melodies and colorful samples. Lekman's music is eccentric and thought provoking, but never kitsch. After a five-year pause, during which he even considered the end of his musical career, Lekman returned this spring with a new album entitled "Life Will See You Now.“ Key factors of the album are playful pianos, horns and strings along with the light and danceable combinations that make their composer so unforgettable. The lyrics haven’t lost their strength and depth, either. A few things Lekman sings about on the album are arguments, ferris wheels, and post-op tumors whose model you can print from a 3D printer. He is coming to Prague solo to play some songs off of his new and very warmly received album.

Carla dal Forno (AUS)
There's something captivating and hypnotic about the work of this Australian songwriter based in Berlin. Carla dal Forno seamlessly mixes ambient, drone, film music, intimate confession and singing, which borders on the recitation style remniscent of the legendary Nico. Last year, Carla released a very deep and emotional album called "You Know What It's Like" with the trend setting label Blackest Ever Black. On this year's EP „The Garden,“  she pays homage to the song of the same name and to the inspiration from the Einstürzende Neubaten.

Kedr Livanskiy (RU)
Post-Soviet cool will be brought by singer and producer Kedr Livanskiy, who is a force to be reckoned with next to the star of contemporary alternative synth-pop Jessa Lanza. Livanskiy is the strongest voice in underground electronic music in Russia, and her mix of bedroom house and jungle reflects a certain isolation of the whole country. Following the well-received EP „January Sun,“ she released an album entitled „Ariadna“ this year, which was immediately praised by the influential webpage Pitchfork. "It's about a sense of distance. And something that can not be explained, but it's still present, "Livanskiy describes. She will be introducing herself for the first time in the Czech Republic at the Stimul festival.

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