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Rhye (US/CA) + Deaths (DE)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

8. 11. 20:30

LA-based Rhye are Canada-born Michael Milosh & Danish Robin Hannibal, who had a breakthrough with their accolade-gathering debut album Woman two years ago. Neither of the duo are a beginner in the music world - the velvet-voiced singer and classically trained cellist Milosh has released three solo albums since 2004 (and is currently working on the fourth record) and musician and producer Hannibal has been a member of danish electro-soul outfit Quadron. Originally as an anonymous Internet-based project, they released two singles and music videos "Open" and "The Fall", Rhye revealed their identity at the debut release and Mike (sans Robin, who suffers from tinnitus) started performing live with a band.

Rhye will play the Czech Republic on Sunday, November 8 for the first time. Alongside Rhye, the ever-improving Berlin-based Deaths, based around talented Igor Burso will perform one of their rare Prague shows.

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