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Rovnostranný trojúhelník

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

23. 1. - 21. 2. 2010

The exhibition of three Czech artists is conceived as in a way a reflection of a painting medium in its wider context. It is related to stereotypes governing the selection of themes, attributes, styles, symbolic frame of quality and history in this case it is art history or culture studies as well as practical methods and physical qualities. The exhibition will be divided into three sections. The first section will in a way concern film and the opinion that content of a more recent medium is in fact an older medium, in terms of film it is a novel and a painting. The second one is going to deal with the properties of a painting medium ? building up an illusion, illusoriness. The third section will play with an idea of a painting as a body.

Independent observer: The exhibition is a collaborative work by Petr Krátký, Petr Malina and Marek Meduna. (…) The work on this project can be characterized as lying between pure collectivity when everything is consulted and being created jointly and severally by all participants, and individual presentations in the frame of the collective exhibition which are here and there guided by the interventions of wider consensus.

Cheeky woman: Simply a hatched-in-a-pub exhibition of three daubers.

Independent observer: Equilateral triangle is an exhibition without a curator. The authors have not been selected by anybody; nobody has elevated their works to a part of a higher whole.

Eulenspiegel: I have read somewhere that it is a symbol of the original unity; I wonder where it was…

Independent observer: The exhibition is conceived as in a way a reflection of a painter's medium and its wider context.

Cheeky woman: An exhibition without a painting is like a woman without a man.

Independent observer: …the artists of preceding generations have already shaken everything up properly and reciprocally, therefore the only thing possible is to immerse oneself into a wide river of denoting as art and to point at this world with your finger and say: it is that, it is itself, through these our intentions, experience and skills, through us ourselves.

Eulenspiegel: Now I cease to understand, sense in nonsense, perhaps.

Independent observer: The exhibition will probably be divided into three sections. 1) one, 2) two, 3) three

Cheeky woman: Three sisters, three rooms, three ideological depths. Three times three is nine. Multiplication table, phew!

Independent observer: The selection of artists takes place in the field of their common medium exceeding the inner boundaries of certain circles in the imaginary Prague?s contemporary art scene.

Cheeky woman: Ah! Masters painters indicated that they are on the right side, on the side of tolerance and openness, well, my friends, I suppose it?s coming now, those modest worthies are going to introduce themselves, yes, no doubt…

Petr Krátký: It fulfils the functions diverting from those to which they are supposed to serve. I use the properties of materials, the consequences of which are undesirable in the world of classical painting.

Jiří David: His work touches upon minimalism, conceptualism, formal aspects of art, processuality…

Petr Vaňous: Petr Malinas painting expression is often described as idyllic with prevailing still themes and simple forms.

Michal Salák: A shadow is more important for him than what casts it.

Václav Magid: However, there is no that belongs inseparably as a shadow to every yes. In this way we can understand Marek Medunas authorial share…

Eulenspiegel: According to Lao Tse, a triangle rules the world. Sator arepo.

Petr Vaňous: On another level, the dividing line is observed on the sky surface itself, where gradual transitions between night and day take place. (…) Recent works indicate certain self reflection. (…) The author himself enters the context of the painting. (…) The selection is purposive.

Cheeky woman: Who is that Vaňous, they ve started to contradict one another, the right time to finish.


Rovnostranný trojúhelník Marek Meduna, Petr Malina, Petr Krátký opening on Friday 22. 1. v 19 h
23. 1. – 21. 2. 2010