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SBCR (The Bloody Beetroots) (IT)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

12. 3. 20:00

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo stormed into music scene in 2007 with two singles and bunch of remixes from dance music to Metallica. His following music creation with Tommy Tea under The Bloody Beetroots name was as colorful as before - dance music base blended with punk rock, hardcore and metal influences. This unorthodox approach brought them cooperation with well known Steve Aoki. Debut album Romborama having new rave touches was released back in 2009. The Bloody Beetroots music became iconic within popculture after appearing in a few computer games soundtracks. Last full-lenght album Hide was released in 2013.

Last year, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo released two EPs called SBCR & Friends. His music style has not changed much - it's still a mixture of high energy dance music with heavy guitar music genres.

The start of the night will be supported by progressive electro duos Them Darned Teenagers and Kay & Tvzex. This will be a blast!

The concert is co-organized by Fouce Entertainment & MeetFactory.

495 CZK at (see above)
550 CZK at the door

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