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SHHT (BE) + MMNK (CZ)| Backyard concert

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

6. 7.

A quintet of sonic space explorers will bring their intergalactic rock for a new generation to the Smíchov factory on the festive day of 6th of July. Shht are notoriously known for their explosive, participative live shows. The music of this crazy outfit from Ghent is based around immersive synthetic bass lines, weird noise, deconstruction and reconstruction. An eclectic post-pop wet dream.

In 2018, Shht released their debut Love Love Love. Each love in the title of the album represents a different connotation of the term – from the trivial use of the word love on social networks, through a close relationship between close ones to the most intimate version of love between lovers. Love Love Love is an attempt to transfer the energy from concerts to a recording that is as also listenable as possible. At the same time, they managed to maintain their signature absurdity, quirkiness, and elements of surprise.

Two years later, Shht returned with Noneketanu – a fresh and more straightforward sound, still sounding remarkably distinct to anything else. You could almost say that their intergalactic sound has successfully landed on planet Earth. The new-found rawness is still countered by a playful and joyous synth universe along with a more simplistic approach on groove, saving outbursts for a few dynamic key points. As per usual, the sound still crosses all boundaries of genres. From noise to kraut rock to post–pop and even some Wagnerian classhhticism, all the while pertaining a consistent sound unique to Shht. The lyrics deal with existentialism, the universe, religion, money, social differences, life in all its absurdity and, of course, love.

In addition to their fabulous concerts, they gained popularity in Belgium thanks to the four singles that were also recorded by the famous radio Studio Brussel. The list of artists who influenced them is as varied as their work: Mr. Oizo, Kanye West, The Beatles, and Belgian band Raketkanon. Previously playing concerts ranging from Best Kept Secret Festival in The Netherlands to South Africa’s Oppikoppi Festival, Shht are now bringing their great show to MeetFactory's backyard this summer.


240 CZK at MeetFactory & GoOut
300 CZK at the door

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