How to get to us

MeetFactory, o. p. s.
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5


Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

MeetFactory Soirée

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

27. 7. 18:00

The social event introducing the art dramaturgy of MeetFactory.The opening of Jana Babincová´s and Pavla Nešverová´s exhibition - The Law. The guided tour of Afterbirth of a Dream exhibition. The launch of Časopysk by David Helán. Party. Music. Drinks. Food. Trains. Rails. Arts. People...

The official first MeetFactory Soireé is here and you should not miss it!

Soirée starts at 6 pm with the discussion meeting organised by MeetFactory resident Data Chigholashvili “Residencies as Passing.” For everybody who is interested in topics such as residencies, traveling, passing through places, subjectivities, remembering and representing. 

The evening will continue with the opening of Jana Babincová´s and Pavla Nešverová´s exhibition The Law. The walls of Kostka Gallery will be filled by the massive sound of Prague St. Salavator´s pipe organ. Jana Babincová´s and Pavla Nešverová´s joint project aims to connect the text, the music and the painting in the impressive audiovisual installation of strictly fixed manner. The final result of the colours, tones and shapes stimulate sensual perception that verge on synesthesia.

The curators Christina Gigliotti and Jan Zálešák will lead the guided tour of Afterbirth of a Dream exhibition in MeetFactory Gallery. 

The new book by artist and performer David Helán will be launched within the Soirée evening. "Časopysk", bilingual auctorial dictionary, won the open call of Artist Book#1 pilot project. 
Artist Book# project which Jaro Varga is the curator, enlarges MeetFactory Gallery dramaturgy on artist´s and auctorial´s publications. 
Summer evening atmosphere in the factory will be completed with DJ elastic, food by Moody Chef Food Truck and cocktail by Alkoholka. 
Free entrance 

6 pm Residencies as Passing 
7 pm Exhibition opening at Kostka Gallery 
7:30 pm Guided Tour at MeetFactory Gallery 
8:30 Launch of the book "Časopysk" 

7 - 11:30 pm DJ elastic