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Son Lux (US) + Cloud Boat (UK)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

4. 11. 20:30

Ryan Lott alias Son Lux is a truly multi-faceted artist. His musical span covers alternative hip-hop á la Anticon, on occasions he resembles the melancholic baroque pop from Sufjana Stevense or My Brightest Diamonds (with the former and the rapper Serengeti, he forms the project Sysiphus). The latest album Lanterns from last year was complimented by the 'outtake' EP Alternate World, with the musical prodigy Lorde hosting on the song Easy song. Son Lux is a natural talent, that has managed to keep ahead of the latest music developments on his three long-playing albums. A truly thumb-on-the-pulse gig here at MeetFactory on Nov 4.

We are proud to announce that British indie-pop band Cloud Boat will open for Son Lux in Prague.

Alternate World
Easy feat. Lorde

Photos from the concert (copyright Pepa Dvořaček)

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