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Spiritualities: Three Contemporary Portrayals of Transcendence and Beliefs

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Spiritualities: Three Contemporary Portrayals  of Transcendence and Beliefs

25. 5. - 16. 8. 2020 13:00 - 20:00



Within the framework of the long-term project Other Knowledge, we ask the overarching question: “how do we explore the world with other ‘tools’ besides reason?” Faith is one of the basic means of knowledge, though it avoids strict rationality. The exhibition Spiritualities: Three Contemporary Portrayals of Transcendence and Beliefs focuses on the theme of faith, particularly to the characteristics of individual and collective spiritual experiences. It simultaneously forms an imaginary prologue to the whole exhibition cycle Other Knowledge, because it refers to topics in the second part that will be developed in subsequent exhibitions  (e.g. ritual, magic, drugs or virtual reality).

Without a doubt, the topic of spirituality offers a myriad of potential interpretations, but the exhibition will be radically reduced and schematized: only three works will be presented, all of which conceive of faith and spiritual experience from divergent, yet interconnected perspectives.

The extensive Híbridos project, by French artist duo Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon, is based on their long-term research of Brazil’s various strains of religious belief. In this context, animistic traditions are mixed with Christianity, resulting in completely unique forms of ritual and liturgy. On one hand, the Híbridos project has an ethnographic character, but more importantly, it is a fascinating excursion into an incredibly colorful mosaic of Brazilian spirituality which connects Western and indigenous traditions.

Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo’s Night Soil: Fake Paradise is part of the trilogy, previously presented at, among other places, the 2018 Manifesta in Palermo. In part, Fake Paradise is a documentary which takes in hand today’s globalized "new-age" spirituality and the modern search for an authentic experience and rediscovery of the meaning of life.  Fake Paradise concedes a large role in this process to psychoactive drugs, sexuality and a return to nature. At the same time, Melanie Bonajo emphasizes the value in feminism and ecology.

The third exhibited work will be a new commission by Jakub Jansa, an emerging Czech artist who has previously worked with themes involving cults, (spiritual) leaders and closed social groups. His new project, set in a fictional environment of digital ritual, focuses on spiritual experiences from the perspective of the current situation of instability, which from many aspects requires us to return to earth. 

The three atmospherically conceived video installations, each with different emotional impacts, will be placed within a generous architectural arrangement, which will allow MeetFactory Gallery visitors a slightly different experience.



artists: Melanie Bonajo (NL), Jakub Jansa (CZ), Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon (FR)
curator: Tereza Jindrová 
architecture: Jakub Červenka, Tereza Jindrová
production: Jan Vítek 
video: Jan Vidlička 

photos by Studio Flusser 
curator's text

free entry 

opening hours: 13:00–20:00

Barrier free entrance is possible after prior agreement at or +420 251 551 796 (Monday - Friday, 10:00–17:00). 



Melanie Bonajo (*1978)
Melanie Bonajo examines the paradoxes inherent to ideas of comfort with a strong sense for community, equality, and body-politics. Through her videos, performances, photographs and installations, she studies subjects related to how technological advances and commoditybased pleasures increase feelings of alienation, removing a sense of belonging in an individual. Captivated by concepts of the divine, Bonajo explores the spiritual emptiness of her generation, examines peoples’ shifting relationship with nature and tries to understand existential questions by reflecting on our domestic situation, ideas around classification, concepts of home, gender and  attitudes towards value.
Melanie Bonajo studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and completed residencies at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam (2009-10) and at ISCP in New York (2014). She was nominated for the Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst 2018 and the prestigious Nam June Paik Award 2018. Her work has recently been acquired by Frac, Ile-de-France.
Melanie Bonajo’s work has been shown in international exhibitions throughout Europe; recently in a.o. Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2019), Guangzhou Triennial (2018-2019), CN, a solo exhibition (2019, Progress vs. Sunsets) in Kunsthalle Lingen, ‘Creatures Made to Measure. Animals and Contemporary Design’ in Design Museum, Ghent (2019). The Night Soil Trilogy was on view in Manifesta 12, Palermo (2018), Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, curated by Katerina Gregos (2018), Kunstsaele Berlin (2018) and ‘Anima Mundi’ in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam.

Jakub Jansa (* 1989)
Jakub Jansa has been exploring archetypal phenomena and seeking the relationships between a freely originating world and one artificially created. In his work, Jansa combines a variety of media (video, performance, installation), using them to build complex environments. Since no clear conclusion is offered, the work calls the observer to participate in the playing field. Jansa does not disappear as the creator but in fact with conscious hyperbole takes on a central role in his motivational self-help videos entitled Spiritual Fitness (2016-17) or his guide to the Club of Opportunities (2017). His work is often set in a world heralding progress and increased effectivity, Jansa is a graduate of UMPRUM’s atelier Supermedia in Prague, under the tutelage of Federico Diaz and David Kořínek. He completed an internship in New York (Five-Eleven), and residencies in Switzerland (Watch Out, Engstligenalp) and France (Ceaac, Strasbourg). Jansa created a series of exhibitions for the Czech Center in New York, The Name of the Project Is Project Itself. He exhibits regularly in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon 
Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon are a collaborating multidisciplinary artist duo working as independent filmmakers and sound-explorers. Together they produce ethnographic experimental films and music recordings, creative direction and curation, that are based on material collected from their numerous travels.

Priscilla Telmon is visual artist, Director, Photographer and writer, member of the Society of French Explorers, since 1999, she dedicated herself to long trips combining history and adventure, paying homage to the wisdom tradition and mystery of the cultures she visited. Her passion for exploration of ancient cultures gave birth to films, reportages and books, working in the international printing press, on tv and museum. Priscilla signed expeditions on the last nomads, sacred rituals and shamanism.
Vincent Moon was the main director of the ‘Take Away Shows’ of La Blogothèque. The online project of music films on indie-rock band and other famous musicians, like R.E.M, Tom Jones or Arcade Fire, revolutionized the concept of music video and the way of filming music in the entire world.