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STIMUL Nights: Jozef Van Wissem (NL) / Oldřich Janota (CZ)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

12. 2. 20:00

Stimulus Nights presents you another concert of its never-ending festival. Prague’s MeetFactory will bring you the performance of a close musical co-worker of the director Jim Jarmusch, a lutenist Josef Van Wissem. Before him will perform the biggest swashbuckler among Czech singer-songwriters, Oldřich Janota.

The world properly made the acquaintance of the Dutch lutenist Josef Van Wissem, who is operating from Brooklyn, in 2013, when at the Cannes festival he was awarded the prize for the soundtrack made for Jim Jarmusch’s vampire romance Only Lovers Left Alive. The music, which in the movie is created by retiring rock genius Adam, was created precisely by lutenist Van Wissem in the cooperation with the director‘s noise rock band SQÜRL.

In duo with Jarmusch, Jozef Van Wissem created a triplet of albums full of baroquising repetitions and roughly stroking drones and conjunctions, as a duo, they have been performing concerts on both sides of the Atlantic. Van Wissem has thus shown his universality of playing and openness concerning his playing the lute – actually, being a solo player he usually sounds differently. He often performs concerts with the music of baroque composers, in his own acoustic instrumentals, Van Wissem clothes risings of sound into the arrays of soothing repetitions. Perhaps it is those romantic risings of sound which have brought him closer with Jarmusch who particularly in his last two movies clearly declares, that there is no need for shame in the case of nice things. (And that it is good to be master of one’s time and it is possible to be in a hurry only in the case of one’s own grave.)

Before he met Jarmusch, Van Vissem had performed a thousand concerts and a line of recordings; except for solo albums, there is a cooperation with over genre/supergenre beefheart guitar player Gary Lucas, a Japanese rock dervish Keiji Haino, English psychedelic folk singers United Bible Studies and an American art-noisery Smegma.

Oldřich Janota
since the seventies of twentieth century he had been through the folk scenes, avant-garde rock, DIY minimalism, turntablism, improvisation as well as calm eastern meditativeness and has left scar not only as a seeker and pioneer, but above all as a distinct originative personality who has no intend to be absorbed by the waters into which he has now submerged. He showed his extraordinary musical, literary and artistic range last year with the eight-album of archives Ultimate Nothing.
He has already performed a concert with Jozef Van Wisseman and as he says by himself, it went smoothly together.

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