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STIMUL Nights: Colin Stetson (US)+E Converso (CZ)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

29. 4. 20:00

STIMUL Nights are getting back after a longer period of time to unexplored areas on the frontiers of jazz.

On 29th April, a star-studded Colin Stetson, who has basically invented his own style of saxophone play, is going to present himself at MeetFactory. A musical contemporary of such stars as Bon Iver, Arcade Fire or Tom Waits took off for a solo tour with his actual album and is also going to arrive in Prague for the first time. A domestic squad of young globetrotters E Converso is going to supplement him.

Colin Stetson
is a saxophone player whom you can´t mistake for anyone else. His uncompromising and physical attitude to playing the instrument together with his resourceful technique of sound recording make him an inspirational artist in the genre, where it had seemed, that possibilities were depleted. He is sufficient with the instrument, space and proper placement of microphones – the rest is perfectly mastered physics, be it a classical acoustic of the room or maximum using within the play.

He made his voice heard properly for the first time by solo albums New History of Warfare, the second and third among those were published by cult Canadian brand Constellation which is primarily bonded with the group Godspeed You Black Emperor. He will visit Prague within his tour to the actual solo album All This I Do For Glory.

The list of artists he has been cooperating with is impressive: from Tom Waits, Animal Collective, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Chemical Brothers, TV On The Radio and Feist to Fennesz, Billa Laswell, Laurie Andreson or Antony Braxton.

The physically forceful sound of Stetson´s play is an intersection of playing techniques, sound recording techniques and handling the room acoustics. Stetson can seethe, by the closer recording of the saxophone sound his voice and instruments’ clacking come into play, at longer distance, on the contrary, the architecture and acoustics play an important part. Stetson´s virtuous, physical rendition is thus enriched by sounds which we usually don´t pay attention to and which can, for example, call up the play of synthesizer or uncommon percussions.

In the band E Converso, which came into existence in 2011, four talented musicians of the upcoming generation joined their powers. All of them are bonded by saxophone player Michal Wróblewski. He made his mark as a holder of Strings of autumn scholarship for young jazz musicians. This opened him the way for studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and to a consequent success on the Nordic jazz scene. His Norwegian formation KIAP also referring to the in Scandinavia popular genres (hardcore, metal) is very successful also at international scale. The Czech project E Converse arose still during Wróblewski’s studies at JAMU and it is mostly also complemented by abroad studying Czech musicians with an admirable capability of sailing among musical styles. In terms of genre, a music with its feet wide apart with a considerable dose of free improvisation interconnecting New York´s downtown scene influences or current European jazz is being brought up. In January 2014, the band recorded a critically acclaimed debut album with the title Conspiration Theories.

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