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MeetFactory, o. p. s.
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5


Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Synapse Knowledge 2020

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

23. 9. - 24. 9. 2020 10:00 - 23:59

Music-maker’s meeting. Two days of lectures, listening sessions, workshops, inspiration and challenges in music and music scene. Only for registered or invited participants. Talks and workshops will run in parallel in Czech or English with no simultaneous interpretation. Registration hereRegistration deadline: 16. 9. 2020. Two-day registration fee 390 Kč. 


Wednesday 23rd September and Thursday 24th September till 7 pm - only for registered ones. 

On Thursday 24th September from 7:30 pm the lecture of Mat Dryhurst - Interdependence and how covid might change the landscape takes place in MeetFactory - this event is public and free. 



Bloky zahraničních lektorů jsou v angličtině bez tlumočení. Ostatní v češtině.
Některé bloky jsou nahrávané na video či audio záznam, účastí na nich dáváte své svolení k nekomerčnímu zveřejnění výsledné nahrávky.


WEDNESDAY 23rd September 

10.00 Foyer

10.30 Main Hall 
Listening session

Each participant introduce their music. 

13.00 Foyer
Lunch in-house

14.00 Main Hall 
Ventolin – live set up introduction 

15.00 Main Hall 
Mary Lee Copeland – Brandbuilding for Independent Musicians 
(masterclass and discussion)
Sweden-based Mary Lee is dedicated to storytelling - she has her own agency, The Next Level Storytelling Academy, which advises large companies and individuals on how to work with a story for their content. She has been working for the Acne fashion brand for the last 3 years, and her clients include IKEA and Scandinavian Airlines.

16.30 Main Hall 
Brandon Rosenbluth – Booking 101
 (lecture and discussion)
How does a booking agency work? What exactly does a booking agent do, how does he choose the musicians he represents (and vice versa), what does an artist manager do and what does the artist himself do? Brandon from the Little Big agency in Berlin, which represents, for example, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Max Cooper, or Holly Herndon, will give an insight into the inner workings.

15.30 Studio Faust, Holešovice

Basics of working in a professional recording studio (hands-on wokrshop)

15.30 Studio Faust, Holešovice

A two-hour workshop with Jindřich Kravařík about the studio and its unique (not only) vintage technical equipment (hands-on workshop)


THURSDAY 24th September 

11.00 Main Hall 

Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst – The State of AI in Music Today (masterclass)


11.00 Theater Hall 
Václav Peloušek / Bastl Instruments - Future of Looping


12.30 Foyer
Lunch in-house

13.30 Main Hall 

Holly Herndon - PROTO and our unique approach to AI, interesting questions this tech raises about the future of music (masterclass)


13.30 Theater Hall 
Veronika Douglas – Music PR 

Veronika works for a major publishing house as an International Product Manager, ie she selects and promotes foreign records for the domestic market. She is a huge music fan and (when there is no pandemic) you can meet her every day in Prague clubs at concerts.


15.00 Main Hall 
Steph Clark – Gender: living in a box

Steffi of reflects on her experience and thoughts about gender; the term, the impact, the feelings evoked by being put in a box and how she navigates in roles dominated by ‘males'.

Expect real life experiences from her journey through the corporate world into the music industry. From boardrooms in London, Paris & Berlin to dj’ing Berghain's main room.

Let’s talk, share and learn.



15.00 Theater Hall 

Never Sol – Studio workflow: composing, producing, recording a track from the first motif to the finished arrangement 

16.00 Theater Hall

Lenka Dusilová – live set up introduction (masterclass)

17.00 Theater Hall

Floex – My approach to creating electronic music (masterclass)

16.30 Main Hall 

Music Publishers (panel)
Do music labels still have a place in 2020? What is their function today, and what is their future?

Jakub Ďuraško / Stoned to Death
Ondřej Geče / Slnko Records

Moderated by Pierre Urban


OTHER  PROGRAM (free entry without registration)

19.30 Main Hall 
Mat Dryhurst - Interdependence and how covid might change the landscape (lecture)

21:00 Yard (or Theater Hall) 
Martyyna (CZ)

Lyra Valenza (DK)


Synapse Knowledge pořádá MeetFactory za podpory Ministerstva kultury ČR a s přispěním platformy SHAPE, která je spolufinancována z programu Creative Europe.